ICAN TCI Programme

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) has made Technology Competence a prerequisite for inducting its new members. Thus, every graduate of ICAN is expected to acquire Information Technology skills under the Institute's Technology Competence Initiative (TCI) or show proof of such competence before he or she can be inducted.

Essentially, the TCI programme covers four modules: Module 1 (Computer Fundamentals) will last one week or 40 hours; Module 2 (Use of Accounting Packages), 3 days or 24 hours; Module 3 (Audit Software), 3 days or 24 hours; and Module 4 (Professional Technology Competence), 4 months and training is only on weekends. The first three Modules will be the precondition for induction of new members.

TCI is a deliberate effort of the Institute aimed at building Information Technology competence in Chartered Accountants. This is expected to enable them serve their clients, employers and the nation at large more effectively in the knowledge economy environment. Projektlink Konsult Limited has been accredited by ICAN as one of the centres offering ICAN TCI modules 1, 2 and 3.

Registration fee is N2,000.00 and it covers all the 3 Modules. We require 2 passport photographs, one of which shall be sent to the Institute along with your Registration form and other documents.

Other details are:

Module 1 - Computer Fundamentals is 5 days (Monday - Friday) or 2 weekends (Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon of the weekends) - N18,000.00 including tea/snacks, lunch and CD.

Module 2 - Use of Accounting Packages is 3 days or 2 full Saturday and Sunday - N9,000.00 including tea/snacks and lunch.

Module 3 - Use of Auditing Software is 3 days or 2 full Saturday and Sunday - N9,000.00 including tea/snacks and lunch.

Payment may be made to PROJEKTLINK KONSULT LIMITED account with UNION Bank Plc, Lebanon Street, Ibadan - Account No: 0034494421.

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