Koha demo

Koha Demos Online

Projektlink Konsult Ltd has two Koha demos online where you may go to try out the features of Koha


The first demo is a plain vanilla Koha, like you get with the default Koha installation without any customisation. This demo is currently running Koha 3.22.03 The installation will be refreshed every Sunday by 12 Midnight GMT. The login provided below gives you full admin rights to the system.

OPAC: demo.searchlib.net

Staff Client: demo-staff.searchlib.net

Username: kohaadmin

Password: projektlink

The second demo has been customised to reflect general requirements of Nigerian Libraries. It is also running Koha 3.20.02. The login provided below however does not have administrative rights to the system but can create other patrons and has access to all core librarian modules. We do not provide full admin access because we do not want changes to the customisation.

OPAC: kohademo.searchlib.net

Staff Client: kohademo-staff.searchlib.net

Username: kohaguest

Password: projektlink


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